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We're a tax-exempt Community Foundation building decentralized financial infrastructure focused on social impact. Easily donate cryptocurrency to any 501(c)(3).

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The easiest way to accept crypto donations, delivered as dollars.

Orgs Receive Dollars

We have partnered with Circle Financial to make payments to organizations easy and cheap.

Wire Fees and Nothing Else

We charge donors an industry-low 1.5% fee, and offer our services free to organizations.

Claim Your Organization

IRS-compliant U.S. 501(c)(3)s can simply and easily submit banking information and contact info to receive grant awards as US dollars.

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Share your profile with your current donor base, and expand your reach to philanthropists already giving through Endaoment.

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For Donors

Donate over 1,000 tokens or assets to nearly any nonprofit.

Smart Contract Philanthropy

Our on-chain philanthropy platform enables a wide range of philanthropic financial services, aligned with the values of the crypto community. Donate any major token and we’ll convert it to USDC.

Donate Directly or Create a Fund

Donate directly to your favorite nonprofit, create your own Donor-Advised Fund or donate to one of our Community Fund that aligns with your philanthropic mission, and immediately receive a tax receipt. No taxable event for you means more cash for causes.

Give It Away

Recommend distributions from your Fund to 1.5 million+ nonprofits. We’ll handle the due diligence, onboarding, and grant delivery.

Industry Low Fees

We charge 0.5% on all donations, and 1% on all grants, encouraging throughput to the nonprofits you care about.

Community Funds

Not sure where to give? Let us take care of that for you.

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Have questions? Our team is just a click away.